Each year, all Vistancia poker tournaments will earn points to the championship tournament, to be held in late November or December of that year.

Each tournament, points will be awarded in the following breakdown, and will be based on the total number of buying to that tournament (including rebuys)

1st place1x buyins
2nd place.9x buyins
3rd place.8x buyins
4th place.7x buyins
5th place.6x buyins
6th place.5x buyins
7th place.4x buyins
8th place.3x buyins
9th place.2x buyins
10th-16th place.15x buyins
17th-24th place.1x buyins
25th+ place.05x buyins

Player of the Year

Each year, we have a player of the year based on points. For the championship tournament, all points will be doubled.


For 2019, you must have played 8 tournaments to be eligible for the championship

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